Starting Acting at 52

by michael
(raleigh, nc)

in the gym

in the gym


Im an older male who is often told that I look from 5 to 10 years younger than I am. That gives me confidence that I have more opportunity to work and some kind of range. I have been recently getting extra work and have even been moved into featured extra roles.

I want to embark on this journey the right way and in the right order, so from the advice above should I go to school first, and if so, what would be the type of a beginner class/workshop that I should take to get started?

Thanks for all advice,



Since you probably want to start auditioning soon, consider taking a scene study class first. Pick a well-respected one, where you work every week. From this class, your acting coach may recommend another class to address anything you need to work on, like a movement or speech class. Once you've been working on scenes a few months, I would also look into a good audition class. Auditioning is its own skill and actors who are good at it get the most jobs.
Have fun!

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