How long do Acting Studies take?


How long does it usually take to finish all schooling and possible internships for acting?


That all depends on what kind of acting studies you do.

If you go for a BFA, that's 4 years. If you decide to continue your studies after your undergraduate degree and go for an MFA, that's another 2 to 3 years. Most actors don't do a masters right away, though, they get a few years of acting experience under their belts first.

If you choose not to get an acting degree, there are a lot of acting schools out there that offer 2-year conservatory programs, as well as short-term acting classes and intensive acting workshops.

I always recommend going to a full-time acting program to get the proper training, but it's a good idea to try a short-term class first to make sure you like it before signing up for 2 to 6 years of acting studies.

Some theater fellowships last a year. Most pay a stipend so you'll feel like you're working as much as studying. Many other less acting internships can last only a few months, like seasonal theater internships or if you intern for a casting director, producer or acting agent. You can also intern part-time while you're working. Hope this answers your question.

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