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I work and my child also has school. I don't know if i can do this. My child loves acting. She always tells me "i wanna be something in life" and it makes me feel bad i can't help her. What can i do?


Put her in a child acting class. There are always after school, but if you work late, most kids acting schools have weekend classes too. Read the information on our kids acting classes page to pick a good class.

As I mention on the website, the best way for a child to get started in acting is a class. First, she'll see if she really likes it. Second, if she does, she'll get guidance on how to find an agent and auditions when she's ready. A lot of parents fall prey to scams, so it's important to have a teacher who knows what is legit in your area and what is not.

There's a school in Davie, close to Miami, University Center for the Performing Arts, with a range of acting and dance classes for kids as young as three. I don't know it personally, but it's a place to start. Acting is great for kids, whether they make a career out of it or not. Don't feel bad!

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