Goodbye Charles - Jill

by Lynn
(South Carolina)

The play is "Goodbye Charles" - the scene is "I ate the divorce papers". I am attempting to play the part of Jill. I have never read the play before, but I came across those lines and they spoke to me. So, I interpreted it in my own way.

I was born deaf (for those of you wondering what or where my accent is from).

I need feedback for the whole thing in order for me to improve. Can't get better without constructive criticism.



Thank you for sharing your performance. You're obviously emotionnally invested in the monologue and you're really "thinking the lines" and not just saying them, so that's great.

Here are a few tips for the next step:

1) Try to only move your hands when your character has a real impulse to do so, which is usually for a very specific reason only. Often, as actors, a lot of gesturing keeps us from really experiencing the lines.

2) Once you've explored the monologue by just saying it for a while, look for color and different beats. If you really imagine and hear what the other person is saying on the line, it should help you react to it (when you say "No", for example) and find colors in the piece. Also start thinking about your objective. Why are you calling Charlie? What do you want out of the phone call? What different ways will you try to get what you want?

3) When you get more comfortable with it, look for the comedy in it. It's dark comedy, of course, but there can be a lot of funny lines or moments.

Finally, when you work on a monologue, try to read the entire play. It will help and give you clues for your acting. I think this play is a one-act, so it's probably a quick read.

Hope this helps!

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