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i am a norwegian professional actress looking for places to develop my acting. i was trained at a norwegian lecoq-based school, so i am quite experienced in physical and classic southern-european theatre. masks, clown, commedia dell arte, tragedy, etc. i have a job at a theatre here in norway, and i only have december off, but i would like to use this time for learning more, and, at the same time, experience new york. what interests me is psychologic realism (meisner, adler, etc.), and also acting for film. i took a look at this overview of schools in new york, but i couldnt get an impression that there were any short-term courses that could fit my wishes. the ideal for me would be a three week intensive full time course in for example meisner technique in december. did i miss something on the overview? is it possible to get any tips or hints about where to find a course that could fulfill my needs? hope to be helped by you!
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It's not easy to find an intensive in December. Most short term courses are summer intensives. Maybe you would have more luck with an internship, either at a school, within a theater company or even a production company for film? But December is usually a slow time for everyone because of the Holidays. Sorry, wish I could be of more help. I would still contact the schools you like and see if they can make anything work for you. You have such an interesting training!

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by: line

I searched more the latest days, but I really cant find any intensives for december. I am consdering Europe instead, and hopefully I am able to go to New York later, perhaps for a summer intensive. Thank you for sharing thoughts!

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