Dramatic Monologues
for Men and Women Actors

Looking for dramatic monologues?

If you just can't find the right dramatic monologue for you, look through this selection of unpublished female monologues and male monologues. These original monologues were written especially to help actors succeed. Each selection includes a description, age range and excerpt so you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

1) Female Dramatic Monologues

  • The Teddy Bear

    female dramatic monologue

    Age range: 20s - 40s.

    Description: After losing her twin sister, a woman who couldn't have children of her own is left to take care of her seven-year old niece. The monologue takes place when she first brings the girl back to her new home. This dramatic monologue works great for those who love subtext, as it offers many opportunities to act what's "between the lines". This piece was also written for actresses who find it hard to access strong emotions right away in their audition monologues, because it builds up slowly as the character recalls a specific childhood memory with her sister.

    Length of monologue: 1:30 minutes.

    Excerpt: "That teddy bear on the bed there, that belonged to your mom. We were five when she got it for Christmas. I wanted it so bad I kept taking it from her and hiding it in all kinds of strange places all over the house. She would cry and I kept telling her..."

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  • Promises

    original monologue

    Age range: 20s - 40s.

    Description: A woman confronts her husband when it becomes clear he is cheating on her. With this monologue, an actress can showcase emotion without getting too dramatic, which can be a nice change for casting directors who hear very dark material all day long.

    Length of monologue: 1:30 minutes.

    Excerpt: "When you asked me to marry you, you're the one who made promises and talked of forever. I was never so ambitious. But you talked and talked and you convinced me and I started believing. And now here we are..."

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2) Male Dramatic Monologues

  • Breakfast

    dramatic monologues

    Age range: 20s.

    Description: Paul's wife is pregnant. In this monologue, Paul is having second thoughts about their decision not to have the baby. This monologue touches on strong issues without being too dramatic. It allows an actor to show inner conflict and color. The long version gives actors choices on how far they want to take their performance emotionally.

    Length of monologue: Two versions included: 1 minute (for the short version), 2 minutes (for the long version).

    Excerpt: "...maybe we shouldn't go today. Maybe we should give this a shot. I know we discussed all this and I know I don't have a steady job but does it matter? I don't think that's a reliable indicator if I'll be a good father or not..."

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  • Closing Statement

    original male monologue

    Age range: 20s - 40s.

    Description: A defense lawyer who has been struggling with his conscience shares his personal conviction during a dramatic closing statement. With so many lawyer roles out there, it makes sense to work on this type of male monologue, plus the twist at the end allows actors to show range and depth.

    Length of monologue: 2 minutes.

    Excerpt: "And we do have a great judicial system we can all be proud of in this country. But what happens when someone takes advantage of our great justice system to hold you hostage and worst of all, to hurt another human being out of jealousy or hatred?"

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original monologues Keep it mind that some auditions require that you perform only dramatic monologues from published plays, so check before using an original monologue, especially if you are auditioning for a theatre role.

That being said, original monologues have the advantage of being unique and are a great way to practice your acting skills by expanding your imagination. All the monologues below have been written by Acting School Stop and are introduced by a short description giving the basic setting for each piece. Beyond that, each actor is encouraged to make up their own details about the circumstances surrounding each monologue. It's an opportunity to make strong choices that will help you experience the lines when you act or audition. Have fun!

Need dramatic monologues from movies and published plays?

Choose from these monologue selections of female monologues and male monologues.

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