Disney Channel Monologue

by Jawanza
(St Louis)

I just needed some feedback on my monologue and some tips on how to improve and what i need to improve on.


That was good, very natural. It seems very short, though, and I didn't catch the name of the play or character. When you present a monologue, you want to start with the title of the play, name of the playwright and character before moving on.

For the acting... You have a good instinct on how to say the lines, so now what you can focus on simple technical problems that get in the way:

- speech: we need to hear and understand what you say, so practice making your speech clearer and slowing it down, just enunciating the lines. Also, try not to put your hands over your face.

- timing: you have the right instinct, so trust them and tighten your delivery (ie. if you pause, don't pause as long - just let one thought lead into the other.)

Good luck with your audition.

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