Acting tips


What are some tips for acting?


Off the top of my head, here are the five most important acting tips I can think of….

1) Relax. Thoughts and emotions can flow freely through your body if you're tense, so you have to relax. Almost every acting technique has relaxation exercises, or at least talks about the importance of relaxation.

2) Think the words, don't act them. Whether you're doing a scene or a monologue, read the words aloud, really trying to understand everything and grasping the meaning of what you say. It may sound obvious that you need to understand what you say, but a lot of times, actors jump into trying to portray emotions and get caught up into faking. If you think the words, the audience will think and feel with you. If they just watch you have a big emotional display but don't feel involved in the story, they will loose interest.

3) Listen. Really listen to your partner when you're doing an acting scene. You need to be in the moment for your acting to be spontaneous and your emotions real. If you have problems with this one, try some Meisner exercises.

4) Talk to your acting partner, not at them. During rehearsals, try to get your meaning across with every word you say. See if it sinks in. Try different ways to achieve your objective in the scene. Notice what works and what doesn't.

5) Have fun. Acting is playing, that's why plays are called plays. You can't be truly creative if you don't really enjoy the process. The more you can forget about being famous or getting the next acting job or pleasing the casting director at an audition, the more you will shine.

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