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Please help keep the information flowing. Contribute to these actor help pages by viewing other actor's questions and submitting your comments. For example, maybe you'll see a question about that acting film school in Florida you went to so you can give valuable acting advice and feedback. Or maybe you have a good acting tip about a casting director you auditioned for.

Please read the frequently asked questions below to see if your question has already been answered! If you feel overwhelmed, take a look at my e-book, Become an Actor. I have picked the best questions and answers and organized them within this step by step guide to an acting career. I invite you to click here to learn more about how the book can help you.


I want to become an actress but I don't have any experience.
How do I get noticed?

It's hard to get your first few acting jobs. You need experience to get auditions but you need auditions to get experience, right? Don't worry, everybody has to start somewhere. First, get a great headshot. Then, read these acting tips on how to fill your actor resume when you're starting out. Once you have a headshot and resume, there are many things you can do to get acting experience: open calls, student films, internships... Click here for a full list of acting tips on how to gain experience as an aspiring actor.

How do I start an acting career?
First, you need to give some thought to what kind of acting you want to do (film acting, theater, etc.) and what type of actor or actress you are (also known as your type). Knowing this information will help you choose an acting school. Then you'll need to get an acting picture and resume, find an agent and start going to auditions. To get started, just follow these step by step acting tips on how to become an actor.

How can I get a role in a movie?
The steps to getting an acting role in a movie are not so different then getting any other acting job, but here are three acting tips that can help... 1) Take an on-camera acting class 2) If you have no film experience at all, work as an extra a couple of times to see what working on a set is like. 3) Know your type and get headshots that show what type you are (this is much more important for film acting then for theater). 4) Check out the March 4, 2009 back issue of the Acting School Monthly newsletter for acting advice on how to improve your film acting auditions.

What are the top acting schools?
What most people would call "the top acting schools" are highly competitive drama universities like the The Juilliard School in New York or the MFA program at Yale School of Drama in New Haven. But there are many other good acting schools out there that are not so hard to get into. To judge the quality of a school, don't just look at the acceptance rate. Look at the faculty, at how often students get to go on stage and how connected the school is to the professional world of acting. Read these acting tips on how to choose an acting school.

What are some good acting classes to take?
Before you choose an acting class, decide if you want to study a particular acting technique or if you just want an acting coach who will draw from a range of acting methods to teach you acting. No matter what you decide, make sure to pick a class with not too many students. You should be able to work on a scene or monologue in every class.

How can I find a legitimate agent?
Read these acting tips on acting agents and remember this most important acting tip - legitimate acting agencies will NOT require money up front! They will NOT ask you to take a particular class or to get headshots with a particular photographer in order to represent you.

How can I get auditions? Where do I begin?
A good way to get auditions is to have an agent or manager, but if you don't, there are many ways to find auditions on your own and get seen by casting directors. Just follow these acting tips on how to get acting auditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to see the questions other actors have asked and the answers to these questions...

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Roles for My Type 
QUESTION: I'm a 58-year-old black man who, despite my age and brawn-I'm 5'8",210-220 lb.,sporting 18" biceps-am regarded boyishly handsome.Additionally, …

How to Start an Acting company 
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Should I move to LA with no experience and leave college to try acting? 
QUESTION: Hey, I'm just an 18 year old guy whose really been questioning a lot about life and what I want to ultimately do with mine, and at first …

Acting Tips When you're Just Getting Started 
QUESTION: Hey Guys! I'm 23 years old and I currently live in the DC-Metro area. I'm just getting started with acting. It has always been something …

Starting as an extra 
QUESTION: Hello, I have read that one of the best things a new actor can do is be an extra in a movie. I was wondering if you could tell me how …

Is There An Age Limit to Be An Actor 
QUESTION: I'm 30 years old, I live in Jacksonville Florida. I have always wanted to do acting but just never knew how to go about doing it. I'm currently …

Acting in Wisconsin 
QUESTION: Hi my name is Bronte and I'm 15 years old and I have a passion for acting. I might not be the best but I am trying very hard. I make YouTube …

Acting Tips for a Non-Citizen who wants to Work as an Actress in the States 
I am in the States with an exchange student visa, but it ends in May, 2009. So I am looking forward to be able to change it to a visa I can work with. …

Acting Tip for Special Skills on Resume 
QUESTION: I was looking through your section about filling a resume and it was very helpful except for one thing. What if I don't have any special skills? …

Good Plan for An Acting Career 
QUESTION: I'm 18, live in New York City and I really want to become a professional actor. But I don't have as much experience as many actors do during …

Acting in America 
QUESTION: I'm a foreign Actress and I would like to live in the US, but it is hard to get a Visa nowadays. Maybe anyone has any good ideas or tips? …

Coming to America to Study Acting 
QUESTION: I'm from Portugal and I'm finishing my high school. I never studied acting before and I have no experience. Can I be able to study here? …

When should I begin? 
QUESTION: My name is Bianka (16 years old). I'm from Germany (Bavaria). I want to be an actress since i was a little girl. I'm in Secondary School, …

Theater Credits and Casting Directors 
QUESTION: If someone has no background is theater, and they want to pursue film, do you think casting directors will look down on it? ANSWER: …

Knowing Your Lines on a Movie Set 
QUESTION: Will someone ever get fired in a movie film if they keep forgetting their lines or emotions? ANSWER: Yes, theoretically you could get …

Acting in Los Angeles before Going to College  
QUESTION: I'm a recent high school graduate living in Southern California and am preparing to enter College up North in the Fall, but I am at a loss …

Writting my movie on paper 
QUESTION; How do I put my ideas on a paper? Let say i have some good ideas of coming up with a movie or video, how do i start writing this ideas on …

Am I suitable for acting? 
QUESTION: I'm 17 right now and just thought about acting as a career. Do you think I am suitable for acting? I am Asian(Hmong)and stand at 5'5. I have …

Stage Blocking Question 
QUESTION: Rehearsals sometimes suffer from a lack of appropriate methodology in coordinating movements of actors on the stage. What effective methodology …

Foreign Drama Scholarships? 
QUESTION: Is there any way for me to get a scholarship to a drama university if I can't be there in person to audition? ANSWER: That's a tough …

Acting Tips for a Teen with No Experience 
QUESTION: I am a fifteen-year-old teen that has been interested in acting for years. I have a few problems with becoming an actor, though: —I live …

Making my Own Films to Start my Acting Career 
QUESTION: If I were to get together with a few of my acting friends, and we were to write, direct, act, and promote our own short films and put them …

LA pilot season 
QUESTION: When does LA pilot season start in Jan? ANSWER: There is no specific day pilot season starts on. It begins after the holidays in January …

Acting with a British Accent in the States 
QUESTION: If I live in America, can I act with British actors? (I do have a British accent.) ANSWER: There are plenty of acting roles in the US …

How to be an Actor if you live in a Small Town 
QUESTION: When i was litte i wanted to be an actor and be a great role model but the problem is i live in a small town and i don't know what to do. …

Acting Tips for Teen Actors 
QUESTION: What do casting directors look for in teen actors? ANSWER: Training is number one, especially with teens, because as mentioned in the …

How To Become Famous 
QUESTION: I'm seeing all these people becoming famous just like that. I am wanting to be one of those people. But i just want to know how.... Please …

Acting Tips to Become a Voice Actress for Animation 
QUESTION: How do I become a voice actress for computer animation movies and TV shows like Star Wars the Clone Wars? ANSWER: To get started, read …

Can I be an Actor if I can't work Everyday 
QUESTION: I'm dying to be an actor and have auditioned for Nu-stars, John Robert powers, HB studios, and al lot more but I'm religious and can't work …

Getting Serious about Acting 

Experience in Acting 
QUESTION: What experience do you need to become an actor/actress? ANSWER: If you mean life experience, the answer is "none". All you need is …

Acting Jobs 
QUESTION: If I study acting what jobs are available? ANSWER: Here's a list of different acting jobs out there: Theater acting - This includes …

Acting Tips to Pursue a Dream of Acting 
Acting Tips to Pursue a Dream of Acting QUESTION: I never did anything in acting but always dreamt of becoming an actress. Where do I begin? ANSWER: …

Acting Tips for a 28-year old with no experience 
QUESTION: I'm 28 years old and have never acted at all, never even did any in school. But now that things have settled down in my life, I would like …

Do I Look Actor Worthy? 
QUESTION: Hello. I was curious to know if I look like an actor. Do I have a different face from others? Do I look like a model? Do I look like I deserve …

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