Acting technique for film?

by Jojo


What acting technique is good for me if I want to become a movie actress? I like the Stanislavski technique and I think that is more relevent to screen acting. Do you think I can focus on only that technique or is it better to know all the techniques?


I think Meisner is also very helpful because in film acting, reaction shots are important and Meisner is a good technique to learn how to listen and respond. Also, any technique that helps the actor focus and concentrate is great, as they are a lot of distractions on a film set. A good cold reading and audition class will help you get these screen acting callbacks and auditions too. Cold reading is a big part of working in television. You can read more information on film acting here.

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Acting classes
by: Jojo

Thanks for your reply! I have some acting experience but do you think it is better to first focus on acting techniques classes before doing any screen acting classes? The reason why I am asking is that I can not afford doing everything at the same time. Do you think screen acting classes is important to do if I wanna become a movie/tv actress? or should I focus more on acting technique classes?


Yes, I agree. The most important thing is to feel confident about your acting technique. Once you feel you got a solid base, you can branch out to other classes like screen acting and auditioning.

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