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Acting School Monthly -- How to Market Your Acting Talent Online
September 20, 2011

How to Market Your Acting Talent Online


Here's the news from Acting School Stop, your one stop on the road to an acting career!

In this issue... Learn how to market your acting talent online. Discover our new Facebook for Actors page and read an article on how to use social media sites to network your way to acting jobs and promote your acting career.

1) Article of the Month - Networking your Way to Jobs... Online!

As an online business owner, I've learned a few tricks lately on how to use social media to market myself and my website. I also learned what a powerful tool Facebook and Twitter can be for actors who learn how to use them to promote their talent and get acting jobs.

Things have really changed. Just like you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars anymore on headshot reproductions because most audition submissions are online, you don't need to be the biggest schmoozer anymore to network for your acting career.

If you're already on Facebook and Twitter, using social media for your career will be an easy adjustment. If you're not, it's worth learning about these sites and what they can do for you. In this article, we look at how Facebook and Twitter can help you promote your talent and acting career online. This is just the start. The conversation continues on our Facebook page. Click the LIKE button, read more, and share your ideas. (just click on Discussions to join the "How to Promote Yourself Online" conversation).

1) Building a Fan Base on Facebook

Thanks to Facebook, now you don't have to wait to be famous to have fans. Actually, thanks to your fans, you can use viral marketing techniques to create a buzz about you and your work as an actor. You can read how to do that in more details on our Facebook for Actors page, but in a nutshell, here are the steps...

First, you'll need to create a Facebook fan page, taking the time to carefully pick your picture and write a small blurb about yourself. Then you'll add fans, who in turn will bring you more fans when they share and comment on your page (that you keep fresh with interesting posts about your acting career and other relevant content). Acting as your fan page, you can now look for pages and groups related to acting, the entertainment industry, theater and auditions and start interacting with these groups so more and more people get a chance to discover you. Read more on using Facebook for your acting career here.

2) Building a Following on Twitter

As an actor, you need to stay informed of what is going on in town and what people are doing so you can look for the right opportunities for your acting career. Twitter is a great way to stay in the loop. By following companies and people in your industry, you can get a lot of information on who's doing what.

A lot of casting directors are on Twitter. You can learn a lot by following them, including pet peeves and future projects. If you're new to acting, there are also quite a few local and small casting sites that tweet auditions for acting jobs on Twitter, as well as local talent agencies.

Twitter is also a gold mine for audition research and networking. Let's say you have an upcoming audition for a TV show. Enter the name of the show in the "Who to Follow" Twitter search box and chances are you'll find the Official Twitter page for the show, keeping you up to date on the story, character arcs and recent reviews. You can often also find the producer or director of the show. Following their tweets will not only give you a sense of who you'll be auditioning for, along with any pet peeves and common interests, it could also give you an insight on where they see the show going.

Twitter is also useful to spread the word about a show you're in or a good review you got as an actor. First, you'll need followers. For others to find you, make sure your profile description includes mentions you're an actor and the type of acting you do, like "theater acting" or "film acting", etc. You can also look for other actors or people who have an interest in acting in your area, follow them and see if they'll follow you back. Another way to get followers is to let people find you by using "hashtags" in your tweets. That simply means putting the # sign before a word that is relevant to your tweet.

Twitter can be an actor marketing tool in other ways. We'll update our Facebook page with new ideas. We hope you'll share yours and Follow Us on Twitter to get more ideas.

We hope this article has helped give you a glimpse of all the actor marketing possibilities online. Of course, Facebook and Twitter are not the only sites where you can promote your acting career. Websites like LinkedIn and YouTube offer opportunities for actors that didn't exist not so long ago. If anything, they help actors take control of their career and break the catch-22 of "no audition no experience".

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4) Quotes of the Month

"It is all about marketing; that is where the real craft comes in. The best actors do not necessarily become the biggest stars. And vice versa." - Dirk Benedict, actor

"It will work. I am a marketing genius." - Paris Hilton

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